Uncle Pete Returns To The Airwaves This Summer!

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After a nearly two-year sabbatical from regularly scheduled programming, Broome County’s longest running, commercial-free, independent rock’n’roll radio program – THE UNCLE PETE SHOW – returns to the airwaves for your listening pleasure!


Within a week, Broome County’s only source for punk, rockabilly, hardcore, oldies and pure rock’n’roll will once again have its own regularly scheduled slot for the the summer! Check back for more details on this, and other Uncle Pete radio announcements (such as the return of the “Uncle Pete Classic Punk Special,” etc.).

In the meantime, if you’re in the Broome County area keep your dial set to 90.5 Fm, WHRW. If you are outside of the galaxy, you can enjoy the 128kbps, stereo, CD quality live stream.


In fact, he’s on right now!


Be sure to check back weekly for all of your DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN, and UNCLE PETE SHOW news and developments.


~ by darkvault on June 14, 2007.

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