Don’t Forget!

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Don’t forget, kids: It’s WEDNESDAY and that means it’s time for another edition of THE UNCLE PETE SHOW, tonight from 10pm-1am (EST). If you’re in Broome County, tune your FM dials to 90.5 FM, WHRW. If you’re out of the broadcasting area, try the 128kbps feed. It’s a M3u, CD-quality, stereo stream that your Winamp or Quicktime player should appreciate.

Requests can be made at (607)777-2137

If you want to make an e-mail request you can write to:

darkvaultpd @ (remove the spaces between the “@” on both sides.)

We’ll be sure to pass them on to Pete, but forgive us if he doesn’t get to your requests on this evening’s show. We’ll pass requests along as soon as we receive them. Keep them in punk/rockabilly/old school rock’n’roll/surf/garage/novelty/hardcore vein. He’s really good about getting to requests and if he doesn’t have a particular song he always finds a satisfying substitution.


~ by darkvault on June 27, 2007.

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