Episode One Is In The Can!

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Finally! After months of preparation, planning and technical setbacks, THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN began principal photography in June, and we are pleased to announce that the first episode is in the can! Baring any setbacks, we should be shooting our second episode soon. Our goal is to have half of the first season (which will consist of 13 episodes) finished before summer’s end, and if Time-Warner of Broome County doesn’t give us any flack, then episodes should start airing by the end of this month!


THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN is a cult movie show, hosted by the ubiquitous Uncle Pete, and featuring his twisted sidekick, “El Vato.” Each week they plunder the darkest depth of cinema to uncover films that have been abandoned, ignored, discarded, thrown away, or just plumb forgotten by the general public, in whole or in part because of their status of films belonging in the public domain.

THE DARK VAULT OF PUBIC DOMAIN marks a first for the Broome County television market. As far as our research has uncovered – the area has never had a local movie host. Elmira has had at least one (anyone remember “Ranger Dave” on WETM, back when Broome County was allowed to have New York City, Scranton, Syracuse and Elmira stations on its cable?) . Syracuse had several (Baron Daemon, and Dr. E. Nick Witty being two of them), and Scranton/Wilkes-Barre had the late, great “Uncle Ted” Raub.

However, Broome County has had none.

That’s changed now, effective as soon as THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN airs. Be sure to bookmark this web page for all of the latest news on THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN, its airdates, links to streaming episodes and net exclusive, and soon enough, downloads of our episodes (including uncensored versions of some that will be slightly different than their broadcast-friendly versions) .

Just remember: Time-Warner Cable of Broome County’s channel 4 will make regional history this summer, and to kick things off here’s a sneak peak at an early version of our opening title sequence!




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