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As announced on Wednesday’s edition of THE UNCLE PETE SHOW on 90.5fm, WHRW, Binghamton, the long-awaited return of “THE UNCLE PETE CLASSIC PUNK SPECIAL” will occur in two weeks.

So, any punk requests predating 1997 are welcomed, and you can call (607)-777-2137 on Wednesday Nights, from 10pm until 1-2:30ish a. m. (U. S., Eastern Standard Time) , or email:
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and Pete will make sure to play your favorites, or a damn good approximation of your dedication/request if it’s not readily available.

In other Uncle Pete news broken on Wednesday’s edition of THE UNCLE PETE SHOW, the second episode of THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN was shot last night, and is currently being put together. The pilot (AKA the debut episode) has been in the can for two weeks and production on our third episode will commence soon.

After we have a few episodes in the can we’ll head on over to Time-Warner and find out when they’ll be airing., so check back for exclusive previews, clips, and airdates!

Hell, why not bookmark this page (Control + “D” for Windows users) and check back weekly for more  Uncle Pete, Uncle Pete Show, and Dark Vault of Public Domain News!?! Pretty soon we’ll be posting audio podcasts, articles, and more.

In closing, we want to offer out our first “shout out” to Sheena (she’s definitely a “punk rocker!”) for calling into last night’s Uncle Pete Show and letting Pete know she checked out the Dark Vault on the internet! Our fans are greatly appreciated!

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~ by darkvault on August 2, 2007.

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