Don’t Forget: 10pm (EST), Tonight

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It’s jsut a reminder, kids: around 10pm (eastern Standard Time) THE UNCLE PETE SHOW will be bombarding Broome County’s airwaves with his weekly rock, punk, rockabilly, surf, psychedelic, hardcore spectacular. As the days fly by until the triumphant return of his “Classic Punk Special,” and as the WHRW summer schedule dwindles into Fall, don’t miss your chance to enjoy one of Binghamton’s longest running entertainment programs (be it newspaper, television, radio, or Viewmaster TM) unencumbered by commercial bullshit.

So, tune your fm dial to 90.5fm, or, if you’re out of range but possess a solid internet connection, then try the near-CD quality live stream. It’s recommended you use Winamp, Media Player Classic, the VLC Media Player (or one of those big corporate players that hog memory an support the forces of darkness) to enjoy the stream.

Because the e-mail patrol is under the weather, any requests/dedications sent in for tonight’s broadcast probably won’t get addressed until next week’s show. If you’re interested in direct requests, call 1-607-777-2137 after 10pm, Wednesday night to make your requests/dedications in a punk-type vein. (No collect calls, please)


~ by darkvault on August 8, 2007.

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