COMING SOON: DVOPD Webisodes and Contests!


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Production on THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN  continues to progress slowly. We’re preparing to shoot our third and forth episodes of the program over the next few weeks, and our first two episodes are in the can and ready for broadcast. We want to make sure we have enough episodes ready for air while we produce the remainder of the season (a total of 22 episodes have been planned thus far) . We want to  be able to deliver 22 consecutive episodes before there are any repeats. Of course, streaming and downloadable editions of the series (some in expanded, uncut versions exclusive to the internet) will be available after each episode airs.




We’re pleased to announce that THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN will start a pre-broadcast series of “webisodes” that contain exclusive, internet-only content. Each webisode will run between 5-20 minutes and  can be enjoyed via streaming video as well as  downloadable, portable media-player friendly versions.  We will begin uploading webisdoes at the end of August, so be sure to bookmark this site and check back in a week.




Finally,  THE DARK VAULT OF THE INTERNET is proud to announce that we’re going to be holding several contests in conjunction with our webisodes and future broadcasts of THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN!!!


As it stands today, the contests will be exclusive to the greater Broome County region of New York State.  We’ll be offering up all manner of rare, pre-recorded (i .e. legitimate, folks!) DVDs, Video CDs, VHS tapes, Audio Cassettes, Comic Books, Magazines, and Compact Discs for regular viewers and website visitors.  We’ll have more details about our contests in a future update.


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