Uncle Pete Tonight! / Episode 3 In The Can! / Webisode 1 Debuts Friday!…


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Hey folks, it’s time for a whole heap’a good news from ’round the Dark Vault of the Internet.

First, why not give a listen to tonight’s THE UNCLE PETE SHOW. If you’re in the Broome County area, spin that FM dial to 90.5 FM, WHRW from 10pm until whoknowswhen? If you’re outside of terrestrial listening range, turn your Winamp/Quicktime/M3U Player of Choice over to the kick ass, stereo, high quality live stream?

If you have requests or dedications in a punk/hardcore/psychadelic/surf/rockabilly/novelty/pure rock’n’roll vein, then call 1-607-777-2137 after 10pm (EST), or drop an e-mail over to:


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And we’ll pass on your e-mail to Uncle Pete.

So, fire one up, pop open a cold one, kcik bakc, relax and enjoy one of the last UNCLE PETE SHOWs for the summer of 2007. Binghamton University is back in session and in a week or two WHRW will have it’s student-exclusive Fall schedule in effect, so this might be one of the last times you’ll be able to enjoy a regular UNCLE PETE SHOW until Winter!



Last night we shot the third episode of THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN. We’re in the process of editing the episode and should have the final cut by Tuesday (at the latest).

Speaking of THE DARK VAULT: on Thursday, Friday or Monday (again, at the latest) we’re goign to head on over to Time-Warner’s offices with the first episode of THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN in hand. As soon as we have an airdate from TXC’s powers-that-be we’ll post the information along with a link to a streaming/downloadable teaser for THE DVOPD’s pilot.

So, bookmark our site ’cause once the ball’s rolling at Time-Warner the episodes will be transmitting at a regular clip. Our goal is to have 22 consecutive shows before they’ll repeat. Portable video versions (some uncut) and streamnig links for viewers outside of Broome County will be available the week following a particular episode’s broadcast, so stop by regularly for the latest information regarding airdates and download links.


And, if that wasn’t enough good news, try this last bit on for size:

The first edition of our internet-exclusive webisodes (downloadable in mp4 format and available in streaming flash video) is being assembled as we speak. These are weekly treats, jammed with musical madness, movie mayhem, and other odds’n’ends that didn’t/can’t/wouldn’t make it into our regular episodes. Webisode #1 should be available for download by this Friday night, with more to follow shortly thereafter.


We want to give a shout-out to our pal NICK, who was kind enough to throw up a link to the Dark Vault via his myspace page. If you’re over 18 (his request) why not give him an add? If you – like the DVOPD – are not a member of MYSPACE, there are some interviews, video clips, etc. over at Nick’s place that you can check out, too.


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