The Dark Vault Of Public Domain Webisode #1

Well, here it is, folks! Right now we’re working out the kinks with Google Video, who have all of a sudden become real assholes about their video linking and downloading (Which should explain why we don’t have a link for downloads – YET). They used to offer a download link for stand-alone I-Pod/MP4 players. However, Google Video decided to change their system – without warning – and has fucked with content producers such as ourselves.

To add insult to injury, I hear Google Video is now limiting access to our videos to residents within the United States. Why? Who knows? It’s stupid, unfair, and has us looking into on a cost-efficient, universal alternative.

The ability to download content was one of the reasons we chose Google Video over Youtube, but it looks like we’re going to be kicking Google to the curb very soon. Until then, enjoy the streaming version of our first, internet-exclusive WEBISODE (a larger version of the video is playable from Google’s site, proper).

Anyway, coming your way via the Dark vault of the Internet, THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN‘s Webisodes will feature internet-exclusive content that either didn’t make it to broadcast on our weekly show, or didn’t fit in with the theme of a particular show. This includes all manner of odd, eccentric musical ephemera, short films, trailers, adverts, and maybe even show outtakes. Our goal is to have at least one new webisode per week. Time permitting, you might even get two a week!

While each webisode maintains the spirit of our weekly television version, it’s got its own, feverish vibe and runs a great deal shorter than what you’ll see on t. v. each week, starting (fingers crossed) in a couple of weeks.

This week’s webisode runs 23 minutes and focuses on robots and space. Marvel at French surf guitar robots making out with groovy gals in the forest! Watch as an international space crew take THE FIRST SPACESHIP ON VENUS to reach THE SILENT STAR! In a galaxy far, far away meet up with an odd, iconic pair of galactic smokers, and take THE BIG BOUNCE into satellite technology 60s-style!


~ by darkvault on September 1, 2007.

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