Episode One Submitted For Broadcast

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 Howdy, kids! Things are cooking here, at THE DARK VAULT. Hot on the heels of shooting our third episode and the world debut of our first webisode, we dropped by the Time-Warner offices in Vestal this morning. Our mission: to get them to air our pilot episode.


Our fingers are crossed for a Saturday night slot; airing sometime between 10pm until midnight: just like a good cult movie show should.


Hopefully the pilot will be debuting this Saturday. It’s in the hands of the folks at Time-Warner of Broome County to make the call. We’re still waiting to hear back from them (granted, it’s only been two hours since the pilot was dropped off). Check back for more details as we gather them!


Speaking of THE DARK VAULT,  work on Webisode #2 will begin this weekend. Rumor has it you’ll get a sneak peak at our pilot, a look at the inhabitants of the twisted inhabitants of THE DARK VAULT, as well as all of the music, movies and mayhem you should expect from THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN, but could not be tamed into being broadcast on television.


Prizes for the first of our contests have been hand-picked from the archives of THE DARK VAULT and once we have a solid airdate for the pilot we’ll post details on how viewers from the Binghamton area can participate!


**We offer up our deepest apologies to our friends outside of Broome County, but we ask that you understand that this show is done out of pocket and run at a loss. It’s a  non-profit labor of love  and we simply don’t have the resources available for international shipping at this time.


~ by darkvault on September 4, 2007.

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