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When Google Video removed its download option a few weeks back we were hard pressed to find a free alternative to offering downloads of our video content (greetings, bumpers, webisodes, and our television episodes). A temporary fix was found in a free file sharing service, but the catch-22 was that the download window was only available for 7 days, and the file size potential was limited

Yes, you do get what you pay for, but we are a non-profit program. We have no advertisements. We have no sponsors. We do not run on commercial stations and we do not have commercial interruptions. Warts and all, THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN is a labor of love. We love to produce it and we love when people enjoy our hard work. It’d be nice to say the show is produced on a tight budget, but that would imply we have a budget: we don’t.

Now, this is where some folks would make a plea for donations of some kind, or try to shill products for sale. That’s not our bag. So, with the self-congratulatory platitudes backstory laid out, here’s the low down:

We will continue to look for options for free, legal download providers that can provide access to the world wide web’s netizens. Youtube is a fine site, but its time and file size limitations are ridiculous and cater more towards teen networking than as a platform for any substantial, independent content. Myspace: it’s owned by Fox/Newscorp. Need anymore be said?

Google Video blows away Youtube on almost every level. Program duration and file size is not an issue. Furthermore, since they reinstated their download option – you can actually enjoy our work on your had-drive without having to log onto the internet (once you’ve downloaded it). You can also throw the m4vs onto your I-Pod or Zune or portable media player preference and take us with you and watch us anytime, anywhere so long as your batteries have juice. The quality of the stream and downloads are quite good, and Google Video actually looks better than Youtube under the same conditions (having done side-by-side comparisons with files we uploaded on both services).

When we lost the Google Video download option we found an even better service. One that has the same appeal as Google Video, but offers better looking streaming, video syndication, poses no file size/duration limits in uploads, and allows ALL users to download out content for FREE. The only hitch is that you have to register for the service (any video over 30 minutes is reduced to a 5 minute “preview” clip for unregistered users, and once you register, you have to download the entire file; this is alright with us because we offer Google Video streams and anyone seriously interested in downloading our episodes are likely to have no issue registering to a free (and won’t give you spam or viruses, spyware or malware!!!) service, downloading their “player” (which serves as an interface which allows the files to be downloaded onto your computer). It also allows us to offer high quality Xvid files for free (both to us, and to our fans).

So, THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN is pleased to introduce you to VEOH. It is completely free to join. Their player is completely free (and necessary to enable downloads), and our downloads are totally free. Once you have them on your hard-drive you can play them on any stand-alone, set top Divx/Xvid media player, any portable media player, and on any of the following computer programs:

The Quicktime Player, the DIVX Media Player, Media Player Classic, Windows Media Player, the VLC Player, and the Total Video Player. Our files can be burned to CD-R/DVD +/-R. All files are Xvid (Avi, but the bumpers/trailers may be in theMPEG2 format).

Now, onto the downloads!

Our VEOH “Virtual Drive-In”

It will be the source to go for ALL DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN video content in downloadable format. Be sure to bookmark it!

Now, back to the subject of Google Video. This week it appears that they’ve made all of our files downloadable again. We’re unsure how long they will continue to offer this feature again, but if you want to download I-Pod/PSP ready files (m4v) here are the current download links for our webisodes (right click to save the files):

Webisode #1

Webisode #2

Webisode #3

Stay tuned for future download links!



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