TONIGHT! 10pm on Time-Warner Cable Channel 4 (of Greater Broome County)

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Hey there Guys and Ghouls, it’s that time again: time to check out the latest episode of THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN. Well, at least if you’re in the Greater Broome County area!

The fiendish fun starts at 10pm on cable channel 4. Don’t be late, bring a date and BYOB, because it’s 100% groovier than our pilot (which aired last week)!

We’ve noticed Time-Warner Cable hasn’t listed us on the channel 4 info-scrawl. We’re not sure why. On Monday, we talked to Sue Eckhert – who runs the channel – and she assured us that despite the lack of info on the TWC channel 4 scrawl, our episode is airing tonight (last week they had a program listed in our time slot that clearly wasn’t called THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN, but it was listed and our pilot did air).

Oddly, when we went to pick up the tape from last week’s broadcast (while dropping off the tape for next week’s broadcast) it was not available at Time-Warner’s offices. They give producers a 7 day window to pick up their tapes, and our tape was not there. HOPEFULLY they won’t accidentally rebroadcast last week’s episode. We here at THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN strive to have a new episode on the air every week until our 22 episode “season” has cycled through.


So, like most of you out there in TV land, we’ll be watching tonight to see just what turns up!

~ by darkvault on September 22, 2007.

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