The Dark Vault of Public Domain Webisode #4 Is Here!


Uncle Pete returns with the forth webisode of THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN!

This week’s webisode runs 14 minutes and is jam packed with martial mayhem, kung foolery, and all manner of grooviness. Hosted by Uncle Pete; join us as we take a trip in the wayback machine and celebrate the golden age of cinematic kung fu combat.

Google video has reinstated its download status for new uploads, so if you’d like to watch this baby on your desktop, your i-pod, PSP, or other portable media players, you can download the m4v file here, or download the high-quality Xvid/Avi file from VEOH, here. (spam-free VEOH registration and download of its player are required, though you can save the file to your hard-rive and watch it on any Xvid-friendly software, or on any set-top DVD/Divx-compatible player).

Both the M4v and Xvid versions of the webisode are playable via Quicktime, Media Player Classic, the VLC Player, and Total Video Player.


~ by darkvault on September 25, 2007.

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