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THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN‘s action-packed third television episode debuts this Saturday night, September 29th at 10PM on Time-Warner Cable (of Greater Broome County) channel 4. So, point your remote control over to the channel, set your VCRs, DVRs, DVD +/-Rs, and kinnescopes accordingly. Each episode gets better as we go along and this one will not disappoint!


As Broome County’s first (and only) movie hosts, we’re hoping the few people with taste and a desire to make things better in Broome County enjoy the ONLY two hours of local origination program that: isn’t religious, doesn’t pretend to be “news,” and is 100% commercial free. We won’t be selling episodes, and given the lack of a reaction to our first contest (now the LAST contest) the only way for Broome County residents to enjoy the program is to watch it, record it, or download it. We won’t be rerunning episodes for a long time so catch them as you can, every Saturday night from 10pm until midnight!


In other DVOPD news, we recently completed photography on our fourth and fifth episodes and both are in the can. Episode 4 was dropped off at T-W Cable’s offices on Thursday afternoon. It is something special and offers up a virtual tour of the DARK VAULT facilities! Be sure to check it out.


Pre-production on episodes 6, 7, and 8 is ongoing and we’ll be shooting episodes 6 and 7 next week.


Webisode #4 has been online for a week and webisode #5 will be cobbled together this weekend and uploaded on Monday or Tuesday. Webisode #5 will be something unique. It will also be the ONLY DVOPD webisode that is “NSFW” (“Not Safe For Work.”). Yes, kids, webisode #5 will be the After Dark” Vault of Pubic Domain and as a result, it will only be available for download via VEOH. We appreciate the free Google Video service, but since it’s free and we respect their service we will obey their TOS and since this webisode has some nekkidity (nothing hardcore) and VEOH allows such content – it will be a VEOH exclusive.



THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN may be airing in a new market! We have the opportunity to broadcast in Ohio and when details are definite we’ll talk more about it. If it happens, we’ll be airing in the shadow of Ghoulardi-land, and we find that 12 shades of awesome.



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