Webisode #5 Has Arrived!

Here’s a VEOH-exclusive Webisode. We’d have done the Google Video upload as well, but we oblige by Google Video’s TOS. This edition of our webisodes is the first (and probably last) NSFW (“Not Safe For Work”) edition. While it contains no sex (softcore or hardcore) there are some instances of nekkidity that would probably get you shit-canned from work, you might not want the young ones to see, and it wasn’t in compliance with Google Video’s terms of service.

You can watch the webisode as a stream, or you can register for VEOH (it’s free, spam-free and maintains your privacy). It offers higher quality streaming video and audio than Youtube and Google Video, and you can download their free (malware/virus/spybot free) “player” which will allow you t download our television episodes and webisodes in high-quality Xvid/avi files that you can watch in the VEOH player, or any media player that supports avi playback. It’s also home-theater compliant and you can burn the episodes to DVD/CD-R and enjoy them on your set-top, Divx-compatible DVD player.

There’s no hook. line or sinker about it. The “player” works as a Kazaa-like interface that supervises your downloads (and uploads, should you choose to upload video). It allows you to pause and resume downloads, as well (something Google does not, and Youtube just sucks: file size limits, time limits, no downloadability, crappy audio and video quality, etc.)


VEOH is boss, and there’s no reason not to join.


Here’s Webisode #5 of The Dark Vault of The Internet


Next week’s webisode will be available on VEOH and Google Video, as per usual.


~ by darkvault on October 2, 2007.

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