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It’s time for some DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN news!


Tomorrow night our 4th episode makes its world premier! It’s a little different in that we won’t have a single feature, but highlight a series of theatrical trailers from all corners of the world. Some classic, some gassic, but every single one of ’em are a hoot! We pay homage to the Drive-In and Uncle Pete takes viewers on a tour of the DARK VAULT’s numerous facilities.


We finished shooting episode six on Wednesday night and it’s currently being edited and should be in the can by Sunday. We’ve pushed back shooting episode seven until next week. We’ll also shoot episode eight sometime next week as well.



Webisode 6 is going to be a jam-packed, loaded edition that looks as though it may run a record length. We’re talking close to an hour! It’s practically a television episode unto itself. We try to keep webisodes short and sweet, but we’ve got so much good stuff for the next webisode that we couldn’t resist! It should be online around Monday or Tuesday night, and will be available via VEOH and Google Video.


And finally, links for the third episode of our TV series will be available following our broadcast of episode 4 this Saturday night!



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