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Hey there boys and ghouls! It has certainly been a while! Well, here’s your latest dose of news about THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN.


Episode 6 has been in the can for a week and was dropped off at the Time-Warner offices on Thursday. Baring any unforeseen circumstances it will be airing next Saturday night, October 20th, at 10pm on cable channel 4 of Broome County, New York.


We were finally able to shoot episode seven thanks to the break in the weather. It was our first location shoot, and while there were a few issues in production it still went really well. Editing on the episode was completed today. It’s something different and frankly pretty damn cool.

Our “Halloween” episode (as we call it) debuts on October 27 at 10pm on Time-Warner Cable channel 4 of “greater” Broome County.


Our first three webisodes are being highlighted by Couch Potato Theatre; which is a great website that brings various movie hosts from across the country together, and unlike the Horror Host Underground: actually accomplishes things!

We’re flattered and honored that the CPT have selected to feature three of our webisodes.


We’ve begun production on episode 8. Since our first episode it’s been a growing process and we continue to improve and challenge ourselves as we tweak our approach to production. Since our pilot episode we’ve improved our lighting conditions, familiarized ourselves with some media manipulation techniques, and started doing some location shoots: all on a shoestring budget. We appreciate the reception we’ve received from folks locally and through our internet endeavors. Thank you for taking the time to watch our program!


We sent the first six episodes of the DVOPD to Brunswick, Ohio, and thanks to the generosity of The Mortician (please check out his website, as linked in our “blogroll”) we will be airing in the shadows of Ghoulardi-land!

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So, if you’re within coverage of Brunswick, Ohio’s cable system, you’ll be able to catch our show very soon.


When we know of airdates we’ll post them here. Stay tuned and stay sick!



Finally, don’t forget to check out our fifth episode that makes its world premier TONIGHT at 10pm on Time-Warner cable channel 4 of Broome County, and check back after midnight for links to downloads of the UNCUT version of last week’s episode. Our next webisode will debut on Wednesday, too, so check back for links on that.


Enjoy your weekend!



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