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Uncle Pete and El Vato make their official Buckeye debut in the shadows of Ghoulardi-land this Halloween as part of an all-day marathon of ghastly fun conjured up by The Mortician and the good folks over at Brunswick Area Television (or, BAT to you and me).

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This fiendish festival kicks off on Halloween at 4pm, with THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN leading the parade with a double-header of TRACK OF THE MOON BEAST, and BEAST FROM HAUNTED CAVE at 6pm.

After that, we pass the baton over to UNCLE DON & BIG DUMB MIKE for their Schodowski-esque madness, highlighting THE SNOW CREATURE at 8pm.

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At 10pm, Uncle Don & Mikey pass the torch to THE MORTICIAN for a triple-header of terror featuring the colorized version of NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, followed by BRIDE OF THE GORILLA at midnight, and BLACK DRAGONS batting clean-up at 2am.

But wait: THERE’s MORE!

As an added bonus, you can enjoy the Mikey (as in “UNCLE DON &”) madness with a trio of episodes from SHOW 54, between 4-5:30am.

So don’t miss out on THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN‘s Ohio TV debut, and stick around for an evening of 100%, American-made, old school entertainment the networks and national cable channels REFUSE to give you, KNIF!



~ by darkvault on October 25, 2007.

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