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Hey there guys and ghouls, it’s been a while since our last bit of show news. We’re busy here at the Vault, and things are only going to get busier as we gear up to increase our production schedule.

Autumn was very good for us. We’re airing regularly in Binghamton, our webisodes continue to grow in popularity, the folks at the Moon Books Project wanted to make our shows available for the Nintendo DS, the Mortician gave us our Ohio TV debut (on Halloween, no less!), and the word of mouth continues to spread.


We want to thank everyone who likes what we’re doing. We’re honored to have earned your interest and we look forward to keeping you entertained well into 2008.



We shot, edited and dropped off our ninth episode at Time-Warner of Binghamton. It was a hoot to shot it will air on November 10th at 10pm. A prototype of our new opening will be featured.


We finished shooting our 10th episode on Thursday and we’re in the process of editing it. We’ll be dropping it off at the station on Thursday. We’re debuting our new introduction on episode 10, and you might notice some slight aesthetic changes to how our shows are cut. We’re transitioning to different editing software and some of our transitions, etc. will change as a result.



Production on episodes 11 & 20 will start next week. Lots of surprises are in store.


Don’t forget to check out tonight’s episode at 10pm on Time-Warner Cable channel 4 of Broome County. We not only offer up one of the grooviest kung fu horror flicks of all time, but we have a very special guest too!


Webisode #9 will be late this week. We’ll probably upload it alongside webisode #10. Sorry about the delay!



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