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Hey boils and ghouls, it’s been a while! We’re as busy as ever at the DARK VAULT, and we’ve got all manner of good stuff planned as we mark a personal milestone: 11 episodes in the can! Wooooooooooo hoooooooooo!


If you’re in the Broome County area, be sure to tune in this Saturday night at 10pm on cable channel 4 for the world premier of THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN‘s 10th episode. It’s jam-packed with trailers, a documentary, a wonderful feature, and all of the madness and mayhem you’ve come to expect from Uncle Pete.



Speaking of the ubiquitous Uncle Pete, he’s still waiting to hear back from the lethargic folks at WHRW about running his annual THANKSGIVING EVE SPECIAL. We would have posted more information about it, however there are some people at the station being very lax in communication.

You can tune in to Binghamton’s ONLY commercial-free, free-format station via 90.5 on your FM dial, or via its internet stream. We’ll do our best to keep you informed when the show airs, but if the incompetence at WHRW continues we won’t be able to give you much advance notice. So, inexcusable “management” issues aside, you might be better off clicking on the internet stream between the 23-27th of this month. If you hear some groovy rockabilly, novelty songs, psychedelic music and maybe even some punk: it’s more than likely you’ll have found the UNCLE PETE THANKSGIVING EVE SPECIAL.


Back to the DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN: we’ve upgraded our editing software and starting with this week’s show you will probably notice an improvement. We’re still working out the kinks, but the end result is substantially better than our first 9 episodes.


Episode 11 was dropped off at Time-Warner’s offices on Thursday. In the ongoing, overly-complicated saga of the hassle that is called, “dealing with Time-Warner of Binghamton”; we were informed that our show falls on a holiday (November 24th) and they will have to bring in someone on their day off to “load the tape,” because they can only load program tapes 2 days in advance and their Thanksgiving vacation begins on Thursday, the 22nd.

We offered to have them air it on another day at the same time (10pm) but they shot that offer down.

So, if by some chance we don’t air on Saturday, November 24th, at 10pm – it’s Time-Warner’s fault. If we do air, then we appreciate that someone took the time to come in and load our tape on their day off. THANK YOU!

Speaking of Time-Warner of Binghamton issues: They have flat out refused to list THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN on their weekly program guide, despite the fact we air regularly, every Saturday at 10pm, and have done so since August. We are the ONLY show airing on Time-Warner Cable of Broome County that produces new, original episodes EVERY WEEK: without a single re-run, too, and at 2 hours a pop. When they do list programming in our slot, it is NOT what we put in our paperwork. We tired to correct this but they refused to do anything about it. It’s like pulling teeth and unreasonable, but such is trying to do things with Time-Warner of Broome County. When things run hot: they run warm. When they run cold: they run FREEZING. So, regardless of what’s listed (or, in the case of this week and last week: what’s NOT listed) unless you read it here: THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN will be airing EVERY Saturday night at 10pm until midnight, well into the start of 2008.


Don’t forget to tune in to episode 10 this Saturday night @ 10pm on Time-Warner Cable of Broome County’s cable channel 4! It’s an action packed, sarcastic, gruff crime flick by way of Italy, and you won’t be able to see it on any other channel in the T-W of BC cable line up!





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