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THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN‘s ubiquitous UNCLE PETE returns to the airwaves for his annual “Thanksgiving Eve Special.” If you’re in the Binghamton area you can tune in to 90.5 on your FM dial, or, like most of the planet – if you’re outside of the broadcast area simply listen to the live stream in high-quality, stereo format (quicktime, VLC, media player classic, or winamp are your best bet).


If you have any requests in a novelty/rockabilly/eclectic vein you can call the station at 607-777-2137 in the U. S., or you can email: darkvaultpd@gmail.com and we’ll relay the requests/dedications to him. If he doesn’t have a particular slab he always finds suitable replacements. He rarely turns down requests or dedications and really enjoys hearing from folks outside of the area.



The special officially kicks off Wednesday Night at 10pm and goes on until 1am, however he might start the evening off before then. Still, 10pm EST is a 100% lock.


Here is the link to where you can catch the live feed.


~ by darkvault on November 20, 2007.

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