Season 1 Episode 10 is ready for the D. l.!

Direct from last week’s broadcast comes the infamous 10th episode of THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN.

It also starts a slew of changes in our videos.

First, we’ve switched editing software.

Additionally, it’s a single file. The File size is the same as our two-part downloads combined, but without the need for folks to play two files. It is a high quality, Xvid (Avi) file, in stereo and playable through Windows Media Player, Media Player Classic, the VLC Player, Quicktime, and Divx media players as well as any set-top Divx/Xvid friendly media boxes/DVD players that recognized DVD-/+R).


Finally, the bad news is that Google Video is no longer allowing new uploads to be rendered downloadable (in m4v format), so there is no m4v link this week (and possibly from this day forward). That sucks, but it’s Google’s generosity we accept, so we play by their rules. Still, their streaming version is available to all within the continental United States.


If you want to download the Google Video version (VEOH, which houses our AVis, requires free registration and free downloading of its “Player,” which is more of a download interface than practical media player. Once you download the file you can play it with your media player of preference and burn it to DVD-/+R. It is a virus-free player and it is free, but it is required for downloads), here is the raw, Google Video link for the tech-savvy folks who can download Google Video with hacks:

Here is the VEOH download link (Avi/Xvd)



~ by darkvault on November 25, 2007.

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