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Hola, lads ‘n’ lassies, here’s all the news that fit’s to print regarding the goings on here at THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN.


THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN is not longer participating in any way, shape, or form with Mike While and his “Couch Potato Theatre.”

Contrary to the site’s claim, it is not the, “#1 Source For Horror Hosts.” The true #1 source for Horror Hosts is Count Gore De Vol’s Horror Host Mailing List. There are some great hosts on the CPT, like Rick VonZip and Hugo Sleestak, but Mr. While’s inability to behave like an adult, let alone an impartial moderator on his CPT forum (among others) reflect the kind of individual the DVOPD does not wish to be further associated with in any way, shape or form.

When our first season starts to show up in re-runs in Broome County, and in our first batch of webisodes and television shows uploaded to the internet, we ask our fans to kindly ignore the far too generous number of spots we ran promoting Mr. While’s site. However, if you do visit the site, you’ll see that nothing much goes on there anyway, so do as you wish.

THE DARK VAULT OF PUBIC DOMAIN will always be here for you.

Episodes being sent out to other markets will be free of any promotion we had done out of the kindness of our hearts and in the spirit of fraternity that Mr. While violated several times over. So, outside of what already exists in the episodes airing in the Broome County market, and in our internet streams/downloads uploaded prior to November, 2007: our relationship with Couch Potato Theater – the site – and its proprietor, Mike While, no longer exists. All episodes (past, present and future) that air outside of Broome County will be completely free of all CPT bumpers. There will be no free ride for Mr. While.

So, after this point, there will be no mention of Couch Potato Theatre and Michael While.


Now, to positive news: Episode 13 is in the can and will be dropped off to the Time-Warner offices this Thursday. Principal photography on episode 14 will begin this week. Our 12th epsiode, airing this Saturday at 10pm in Broome County marks a month long holiday celebration at the DARK VAULT, and throughout December, Uncle Pete, El Vato, Azul de Vaca, 42nd Street Jimmy, Rojo Gato, and the rest of the gang venture into Uncle Pete’s den, the lab, and encounter all manner of mayhem you’ve come to expect every Saturday night. The first of our special programming starts this Saturday at 10pm, and you won’t want to miss it!


It appears that Google Video has stopped allowing uploads from being downloaded. This started last week. We’ll continue to use Google Video for streaming our webisodes and episodes, but alternative methods are being looked into. As for now, you can only download our webisodes and episodes exclusively from VEOH. For our fans internationally, we are looking into new means to make our streams available for you. Until then, VEOH is your best bet for catching THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN.

Of course, if you own a NINTENDO-DS, then you can go to the Moonbooks Project and enjoy our episodes on your portable game system.


We want to encourage you to check out some of our new friends linked under our “blogroll,” including the MONSTER MADHOUSE crew, from the home of the world’s biggest monsters: the nation’s capitol, the D. C. area! Also, swing on over the Illinois for THE BONE JANGLER and see what he’s got cookin’ for ya.



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