Tonight @ 10pm on T-W Cable (of Broome County) Channel 4!

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Join Uncle Pete in the DARK VAULT den as he takes a trip down memory lane. He takes us back to the days when cable was what drove cars, when “Dumont” was the fourth network, and when local programming was more than “news” and token religious programming. We jump into the wayback machine and land in the time when televisions had cathode ray tubes, remote controls were non-existent, aerial antennae and analog broadcast were the soup-de-jour; to a time when syndicated programs actually had creative, thoughtful writing, acting and production value and were on par with their big network brethren!


We’ve dug deep into the recesses of the cinema graveyard and unearthed giant robots, Boris Karloff, a diabolical genius, and the usual mayhem you’ve come to expect from THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN. It all starts tonight at 10pm on Broome County’s cable channel 4.

Boil some hot water, break out the instant cocoa, prepare some cheese fondue and join in the fun!


~ by darkvault on December 1, 2007.

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