Weekly Noticias From The DVOPD

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Hey there meats and potatoes, it’s time for another DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN news update!


We’d like to let fans know that we were aware of the audio issue that occurred during the Howdy Doody bumper on  Saturday night’s broadcast. When we upload the episode this Saturday night you’ll be able to hear for yourself that it was a Time-Warner issue and was totally beyond our control.


Speaking of uploads, we have encountered issues with VEOH regarding large sized files. So,  we will no longer upload entire episodes as a single file. We used to upload them ass two separate files and we will return to doing that. We apologize for the delay in the download, but rest assured episode 11 will be available for download later this week.  the bad news is that it will be in Windows Media Format.

For the next two three episodes we will be uploading Windows Media Video format. This will change with our 14th episode, when we will return to uploading  files in the Xvid/AVI format.


We recently completed shooting episode 14 and will begin shooting episode 15 – the holiday special – this week.  As Broome County fans may have noticed, the DVOPD are kicking off a month of holiday specials. Don’t  worry, we’ll be retuning to the vault proper at the start of the new year. Until then, keep tuning in every Saturday night @ 10pm for the best televison program in Broome County, bar none. It’s 100% commercial free and independent.


Speaking of the start of the new year, we regret to inform fans that our weekly webisodes will continue to be on hiatus until January 1st, 2008.  Things got busy around the DARK VAULT and we had to put the weekly webisodes on hiatus at the end of autumn. We had intended to bring them back starting this week, but we are under serious production crunch time. So, rather than put together a half-assed webisode every week, we WILL resume the weekly webisodes on January 1st and the will be more eclectic, more electric, and well worth the wait. You can still enjoy the 8 webisodes of 2007 on VEOH and Google Video.


Uncle Pete contacted the local “news” rag, The Press & Sun Bulletin, and so far we’ve heard nothing back. The P&SB likes to claim it covers local topics of interest, but so far they seem intent on ignoring  Binghamton’s first (and only) cult movie program, and Binghamton’s first ever movie host.


Considering there are NO other weekly, locally produced entertainment programs on cable or on any of the local network affiliates, let alone public access (* we’re going 24 weeks strong without a repeat. There are two other local “entertainment” programs on cable channel 4 and neither of them produces new, weekly content without repeats.). THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN may be low budget, brothers and sisters, but we are the real deal.


Look for a future news update on UNCLE PETE‘s return to the radio airwaves  during the holiday break. We will post dates, times and provide streaming links when his next radio program airs!





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