Ugh! Part II

When it rains it “pours”: Our regularly scheduled Saturday, post-broadcast uploads will be delayed this week, thanks in part to VEOH’s cock-up. Apparently they have an unwritten file size limit and we had to remove their botched hosting of episodes 10 and 11. Episode 10 they cut the file short, from 2 hours to 90 minutes. The entire conclusion was missing (and then some).

That’s 1/4 of an episode missing.

Episode 11 was worse. A little over half the file was hosted, despite 100% of both files being uploaded.

So, from this week forward ALL TV episodes will be split into two halves, just as we had been doing.


We’re crushed for time, and only shot our 14th episode last Friday, completed editing it on Wednesday, and then dropped it off at Time-Warner’s offices yesterday (Thursday). Tonight we’re shooting our Christmas/Holiday special while writing our New Year’s eve special (which will be taped Wednesday or Thursday of next week). This does not include our jobs, family obligations, technical snafus, web work, uploads, and one of us is preparing to hop the pond, too!


Mind you this is not a complaint, but we’ve had to take a whole day (28 hours, actually) to split, re-encode and upload episodes 10, 11, 12 and 13 to VEOH (with an additional upload of episode 13 to Google).

So, the bad news: episode 12 will not be available for streaming or download until sometime between Sunday night – Tuesday morning. Of course, we will post the links, etc. and correct the bad VEOH links we have since deleted. By next Saturday we will be back on schedule, but the last two weeks have been rough!


Oh, we’ll also be back shooting on the DARK VAULT set for episodes 17-24 (the end of season 1). Our trips to the DARK VAULT study, lab and other places are part of our month-long (actually a month and a half long) December specials, which began two weeks ago with episode 11. It’s been nice to offer up forgotten cartoons and television programs and some moldy oldies, but the DVOPD has a handful of monster movies, kung fu flicks, sci fi frights, and other ghoulish, cult delights in store for our fans as we enter the final half of our debut season. Additionally, I think this week’s CAVALCADE OF CARTOON CARNAGE is one of our best episodes. It ranks up there with episodes 2, 6 and 8 as The DVOPD at its best..


Anyway, this Saturday should have correct, working download links for at least one of the 3 affected episodes (10-13), with the rest to follow shortly thereafter.


Thank you for your patience, support and understanding during this brief disruption.



~ by darkvault on December 7, 2007.

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