Christmas Presents!

In a show of festive spirit, and partially to make up for the Google Video & VEOH Video technical cock-ups, we here at THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN offer up a super-early download of this past Saturday’s television broadcast: THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN HOLIDAY SPECIAL.
It’s the PERFECT holiday gift (it’s entertaining and totally free!).
The only hitch is that non-VEOH members must download the “VEOH Player” (which is more a download interface like Kazaa/Limewire/Napster) and register as a member. VEOH is 100% spyware, malware, trojan, spam and virus free, and costs you nothing! It is also becoming quite the haven for cult movie hosts and horror hosts. THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN fully embraces, uses and endorses VEOH. While we use Youtube and Google Video, we do not really endorse them (they are more a means to an end. Google Video does not allow streaming/downloading of videos outside of North America – and THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN is totally against territorial-ism, jingoism, xenophobia and corporate b. s.), and Youtube is of inferior quality, has file size and time limits, etc. and we only use it to host our episode bumpers. VEOH is the ONLY 100% free, UNIVERSAL video service that allows for downloads of files and allows us to offer you high quality, DIVX Home Theater Compliant webisodes and television episodes of our show.
Have no fear, Google Video addicts. As soon as the files finish uploading to Google (a painfully slow service, and one that banned one of our uploads for no reason whatsoever – but who cares? It’s only available to folks in the U. S., while VEOH does not censor us and is available world-wide!) we will post the stream windows (and fullscreen links)!
So, without further adieu, here are the VEOH download links:
Part 1 (of 2)*
Part 2 (of 2)

~ by darkvault on December 25, 2007.

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