Rotten Potatoes Ruin VEOH Upload of DVOPD Episode 16

In an act of internet sabotage, some assclown reported the second half of episode 16 being in violation of copyright despite the fact that PRIDE OF THE BOWER is in the public domain and the DVOPD (i. e. US) offers its original content for free under the creative commons agreement.
Despite numerous e-mails to VEOH’s legal folks; they are not responding to us. This is especially troubling given how we provided proof that PRIDE OF THE BOWERY is in the public domain ( even offers a version of it for download), and this is despite 95% of VEOH’s content being pirated, copyrighted crap (which our program is/was not!).
This was a deliberate act of sabotage. To the assclown responsible, remember: what comes around goes around.
Anyway, please enjoy our Google Video version of the program since VEOH would rather allow others to post pirated videos of copyrighted programs and movies than in investigating the LEGAL PROOF presented to them that the PUBLIC DOMAIN movie they have yanked was removed under false pretenses based upon a deliberate crank report.

~ by darkvault on January 3, 2008.

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