Webisode #1 Season 2 Stream & Download Available Now!

Direct link for Google Video streaming and M4V downloadable version.

We’re ready to kick off 2008 with a bang, so join the VitoGold9000 for the first webisode of the second season (and the year)!
(***To cut down on miscreants messing with our PUBLIC DOMAIN videos, you must register for the free, spam free Stage6 account to access the video for stream or download)
We will be uploading the webisode to Google and VEOH soon, but after VEOH’s offices IGNORING our PROOF about a false copyright claim laid against one of our videos we are now going full blast in ensuring that all of our webisodes and TV episodes are available on a multitude of platforms.
After February we will also have our television episodes and webisodes available through Tudou, Youku and possibly blip.tv, as well.
STAGE 6 are an exciting platform that has high quality, streaming DIVX/FLASH video capabilities and allows for DIVX Home Theater compliant downloads of our episodes. It is very similar to VEOH and we like it just as much as VEOH, but unlike VEOH – they haven’t behaved like dicks (yet).
Enjoy it!

~ by darkvault on January 4, 2008.

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