Season 2 Webisode #1 VEOH Download is ready

Ever since VEOH BANNED half of an episode that was 100% within their terms of service, totally in the public domain, etc. and totally ignored our emails and LEGAL PROOF of our episode being legitimate and in the public domain (in VEOH land you’re guilty until proven innocent, despite 95% of its content being in violation of various, international copyright laws and left unmonitored). We are slowly turning our back on the service, but not to our fans. The only compromise we could find is to continue uploading there, but our time and energy will not be spent giving 100% to a service that trats us like crap. We will continue to upload the remainder of our first season of television episodes (there will be 24 in total), we will only continue to use it for our webisodes. Even then, we’re no longer going to the effort of offering up Xvids of our webisodes, but MPEG1, NTSC-standard, VCD-compliant versions. For now, Stage6 will be THE ONLY source for high quality, free, DIVX home theater compliant streams and downloads of our webisodes and television episodes.
We encourage fans to look into Divx-compliant DVD players, media players, computer programs, etc. It’s a fantastic video encoding technology, affordable, honest, and reliable.
We will continue to upload to Google Video as long as we can, and you can enjoy their mediocre quality streams and the M4Vs of our websiodes and television episodes there. STAGE6 will be the sole sourve for DVD-quality streams and downloads of the DVOPD. VEOH will now only house VCD-quality versions of our television program and webisodes. Wew want to make our show avialable to the public (hey, we are in the PUBLIC domain) and offer a wide variety of alternatives to enjoy it, but our days of busting our humps only to get messed with by some scumbags and VEOH’s choice to vilify the INNOCENT and kow tow to the cranks leaves us little choice but to simply use it as one option (and one we wont’ eb spending a lot of time on, since it’s now unreliable).
Regardless, here’s the VEOH link to the MPEG1 download of our first webisode of 2008, and the first webisode of our second season of webisodes.

~ by darkvault on January 7, 2008.

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