Webisode #2 (Season 2) Is Ready To Entertain You!

Join Uncle Pete in THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN as he takes you on a journey through the cinema graveyard, unearthing all manner of public domain gems!
As we enter week two in our month long salute to the American/German Flash Gordon, Uncle Pete and his pal, Max the Rat, present some funky trailers, a silly scopiotone, a crazy cartoon and the savior of the universe in three flavors of download and streams!
The highly recommended, high quality, Divx Home Theater Compliant STAGE6 download/stream (cost-free, spam-free registration is required, as is a download of the malware-free/spyware-free/Trojan-free/computer-safe Divx codex), the Google Video streaming, fullscreen link, and the “They Suck But We’ll Keep using Them As Long As We Can” VEOH link, which offers a down-and-dirty, quick VCD-ready, NTSC Mpeg-1 version. You have to register and download their “player” to watch it.

~ by darkvault on January 13, 2008.

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