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Hello boils and ghouls! It’s time for the latest THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN news!
Episode # 18 of our first season had its world premier on Time-Warner Cable of Broome County this weekend past. The response has been positive. Be sure to check out our 19th episode this Saturday night at 10pm on cable channel 4. It won’t disappoint!
We want to send a shout out to our pal, THE BONE JANGLER and thank him for the honor of batting second during his weekly, Saturday night program in Chicagoland.
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If you’re in the second city, be sure to check out cable channel 10 in in Batavia, North Aurora, Aurora, Big Rock, Hinckley, Bristol, Yorkville, Plano, Sandwich, Boulder Hill, Montgomery, and Oswego, IL. every Saturday night @ 10:30pm.
We’ve been informed that the DVOPD will creep up now and again following his show, so stay tuned!
Ohio, Illinois, New York, the world wired web: stay tuned for the latest on future DVOPD screenings near you!
We’re putting the finishing touches on our 20th episode and will shoot our 21st episode tonight. While our 19th episode is about to debut this weekend, we usually have to submit our most recent show one week in advance of its scheduled airdate. With an impending, monumental change in the DARK VAULT production structure looming over the horizon (one that will truly make it an international endeavor) , we are ramping up production so we can have our first season of 24 back-to-back-with-no-repeats first season in the can before the end of January. That’s 24 consecutive weeks of production, complete with 48 hours of programming (not to mention over 12 hours of additional, net-exclusive material) that we are happy to have brought you.
Our debut season will conclude on Saturday, February 23, 2008, with one heck of a bang. Have no fear, DVOPD fans, as we will enter our first batch of re-runs starting on Saturday, March 1st, at 10PM. Relive our earliest episodes and watch the evolution of THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN! While we are producing the handful of episodes that remain in our freshman season we are planning our second season. Instead of 24 consecutive, weekly episodes the DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN will move to a monthly format. the program will remain a weekly entity in Broome County, but on the last Saturday of every month we will debut a new episode from our second season, starting with the world premier of Season 2, Episode 1 on Saturday, March 29th, at 10pm!So, to review:the DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN will wrap up season one with the season finale on Saturday, Ferbaury 23rd.We will start re-running our first season (sequentially) on Saturday, March 1st.Our Second season will premier on Saturday, March 29th, at 10pm.We will then resume our first season repeats until Saturday, April 26th, at 10pm.

The only time an episode of THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN will not air is on the event that our program falls near a holiday that lands on a Thursday. Since Time-Warner’s studio has its weekend programming set up on Thursdays, if there’s a public holiday there isn’t anyone at the studio to load the tapes. This will be a rare occasion, but it can happen. We wanted to let our fans know.


Anyway, even though we’re wrapping up production on our freshman season, Uncle Pete, El Vato, 42nd Street Jimmy, Azul de Vaca, Vito Gold, the Vitobot, Max the Rat and Rojo Gato will be hard at work producing their second season and…. A SPINOFF SERIES!

Yes you read that right: A SPINOFF SERIES. It will feature some familiar faces and it is the “little brother” of THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN. Like the DVOPD, it will spotlight public domain gems culled from the cinema graveyard, however it will be an international endeavor. We will post more details about this project in the future, but don’t expect much until the end of the summer (when we hope to have it launched). All we can say is that it will be wild, wacky, entertaining, international and new episodes will premier every month. There will be more information to follow, starting at the end of summer, 2008. In the meantime, enjoy the second season of THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN, its first season of reruns, and its webisodes.


Speaking of webisodes, and our uploads in general: while we pride ourselves on uploading uncut versions of our previous week’s episodes online, and premiering a new webisode every week, you can expect some delays in February. We will be establishing a new production studio overseas and on top of that there are technical issues we expect to encounter in the process. do not be surprised if there are now new uploads during the months of February and March, but rest assured, once things are up and running in our international production offices we will upload everything as intended and be back on track as soon as possible! In fact, not only will we upload a backlog of content, we will also have numerous streaming and download alternatives sure to please our fans worldwide. We will work to ensure that any delays are kept to a minimum and that any potential wait will be worthwhile. We will appreciate your understanding regarding this transition, which will occur at the end of February.


New episodes! New webisodes! New cities broadcasting the DVOPD! New endeavors! It’s all looking good, right here, at THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN!!!

Thank you for your support.


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