Busy Busy Busy!

We want to apologize to you – the fans – for delays in uploading our episodes and webisodes. By next week we should be caught up for a bit, but as stated in a previous news item, there will be longer delays ahead as the show goes international. In due time we’ll be all caught up. WE PROMISE!!! We appreciate your patience at this very busy time.
Later today we’ll have the day and time when you can listen to THE UNCLE PETE SHOW live. He will be on at least two more times in the next week. Drop by late Wednesday night for details!
Our 20th episode airs this weekend. Episode 21 is going to be dropped off at the Time-Warner studio this week, and we just finished shooting episodes 22 and 23 this evening., as well as one of our second season episodes (episode # 4 actually, and it will air in May or June, believe it or not!). Production is underway on six more webisodes, or final episode of season 1, and five additional episodes for the first half of our second season: now you know why we are busier than ever!
We want to take the time to send our best wishes to our friends at MONSTER MADHOUSE as they shop their brand of mayhem to prospective, commercial TV folk in Nevada. MONSTER MADHOUSE is chock full of fun and we recommend you check out their website and download their episodes. You never know where you’ll see them next!
Fans of THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN will have a chance to meet UNCLE PETE in person!!! We’ll have more information in the next few weeks, but not only can you meet UNCLE PETE in person but you can hear him spin stacks of wax! Details will be forthcoming!

~ by darkvault on January 23, 2008.

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