Webisodes and More: Streaming & Downloads!

We’re as busy as busy can be, ’round here at THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN. We are almost through with our freshman season and have simultaneously started production on our sophomore season. Time is a precious commodity for us and there are some big changes happening at the vault. We’re not losing anything, but we are gaining an international opportunity and preparing for a second endeavor (our third if you include the webisodes) that will be somewhat groundbreaking in the genre of cult movie hosting.
More on that later.
Right now it’s time to get back up to speed with our streaming/downloadable webisodes and uncensored versions of our television episodes. Please note that we have yet to upload anything to Google Video. Because of their international accessibility, high quality streaming and download capabilities, our priority has been on getting everything uploaded to VEOH and Stage6. If time allows, we will eventually get everything up to speed on Google Video (while uploading all of our old projects on Stage6). However, the fact that it’s lower-quality streams and U. S.-exclusive viewability, Google Video is not as much of a priority for us. We’re sorry if this bothers any of our fans but this was a decision we put a lot of thought into. So, here are our VEOH and Stage6 links. Both offer super high quality DIVX versions for download. All DIVX files are Home Theater compliant and will play on any PMP and DVD player that can handle DIVX files. Both VEOH and Stage6 require free, spam-free, private registration. Stage6 might require users to download a malware-free/virus-free/spyware-free codec to enable optimal playback, and VEOH requires users to download their “player,” which is more of a download interface than an actual player. ALL downloads are 100% free and free of viruses, malware, spyware, etc.
WEBISODE 3 (season 2)
WEBISODE 4 (season 2)
episode 18 (uncut)

~ by darkvault on January 29, 2008.

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