Goodbye and Thanks, Stage6

It is with great disappointment that we at the DVOPD acknowledge the end of the internet’s best streaming/downloadable video service site, the DIVX-compliant STAGE6.

Our time with STAGE6 was brief, but positive, and by far the quality of its interface, streaming video and download ability placed it light years ahead of crappy, limited Youtube, mediocre and isolationist Google Video, and the often-wonky VEOH. It’s too bad that things didn’t work out in Stage6’s favor, but we were happy with the service while it lasted and only regret we were unable to discover it sooner.

What this means for fans of the DVOPD is one less alternative for enjoying our show. Also, because of technical issues with a portable hard drive, we won’t be able to upload the remainder of our second season of webisodes for at least a year. We were focusing on uploading everything on Stage6 before VEOH, and were only able to upload the first two (of 5) season 2 webisodes.

Once things are settled in China we will upload the remainder of our first season’s episodes to VEOH. We may also look into several other online video providers and – when feesable – continue to offer the program for free on a multitude of online platforms; internationally. As of now, our time with Google Video is coming to a close. Outside of the continental United States, Google Video has become isolationist and it is impossible for our overseas fans to enjoy our uploads. Since uploads to Google tend to be time consuming, we feel our time could be better spent focusing our online endeavors to providers who do not participate in geo-political censorship by proxy.

So, with all of this said, we give a final shout-out to Stage6, who, with little advanced notice (only a week, actually), shut down its services on February 28th. It was a brief, productive, positive ride…


~ by darkvault on March 2, 2008.

2 Responses to “Goodbye and Thanks, Stage6”

  1. Have you checked out GUBA?

    The overall quality of the video I’ve found there has been excellent.

  2. Thanks, Mr. Balihai! Unfortunately, with the DVOPD tech headquarters located in China it appears that Guba is blocked in the P. R. C. for the time being. The same applies to Youtube, which was accessible until the recent unrest in Tibet and has since been blocked in China. While the “home office” is still in the U. S. A., all of our web stuff is on the Chinese end at the moment. We’ll give it another shot in a month or so. Thanks again for the support!

    El Vato
    The DVOPD

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