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Since we’re free of the shackles of the People’s Republic of Censorship for the next month and a half, accessing our blog and updating it is as free and simple as it should be, but sometimes isn’t – but hey, we have to pay our bills and sometimes that means we go where the work is…

Enough of that stuff and onto our recently added links:

Let’s start with Jeb. Buzzard, host of FRIGHT TIME FUNHOUSE, a program originating from VA that we’ll be airing in our guest slot in 2009.

Then there’s Dr. Purelood’s TALES FROM THE GRAVEYARD SHIFT, hailing from Tennessee. Like Jeb., the good Dr. will appear in our monthly guest slot in 2009.

Not to be too testosterone-driven, the lovely Madame Mortem will have you walking the MIDWAY OF MADNESS in our monthly guest slot in 2009. Right now, the MIDWAY goes from Texas to Florida, but soon enough a you can cash in your ticket, right here, in Broome County!

Madame Mortem’s Myspace

Then there’s the woefully under-updated HORROR HOST UNDERGROUND website. While the website has seemed to be in almost permanent stasis, thanks to the tireless efforts of “Uncle Lar,” it is actually very much active and vibrant. In fact, that’s how many folks outside of Broome County have been able to enjoy THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN in their respective areas (like Arkansas! Yes, we aired there in 2008!). Maybe, someday the HHU website will return to its former glory.

We highly recommend our friend, Corpse Chris’ HORROR HOST GRAVEYARD for frequently updated horror host news, links, obits, and more.

Besides producing new episodes and preparing for our 2009 programming and updating the site, we’re uploading more video and will have our official episode guide coming your way very, very soon.


~ by darkvault on January 13, 2009.

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