Uncle Pete on The Don Giovanni Show!

It has been an incredibly BUSY weekend for Uncle Pete! In addition to THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN airing in Binghamton and Chicagoland last night,  and his Saturday afternoon old time jazz special on WHRW FM, Uncle Pete was a spontaneous guest, Saturday morning,  promoting his special on The Don Giovanni Show, on WINR AM 680!

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But Wait, there’s more! It turns out Don and his producers are big fans of THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN and we want to thank them for not only tuning in, but for plugging our show on this week’s program!

Don Giovanni has been a Broome County radio mainstay for quite some time. In fact, in this age of homogenized, bland, soulless, assembly line corporate radio (vomited upon us by the likes of Citadel, CBS radio, Clear Channel, etc.), Don is one of the few LOCAL voices that have survived in Broome County. Not only that; he’s also syndicated nationally.

That is no small accomplishment for folks from little old Broome County.

B. C. television and radio HATES local programming. Most of it is corporate trash that has absolutely TOTAL, unbridled disdain for our little market. Beyond token ‘local’ newscasts, our major television affiliates and radio stations do sweet f. a. to promote local entertainment, local pride, and to reach out to the community beyond their marketing departments in search of sponsors, and token “sponsorship” of a pitifully small number of local events.

Gone are the days of, “Action News For Kids,” and the local Bozo (as in the program, not personal character!), Larry Crabb, “Officer” Bill Parker, and the glory days of Binghamton radio when most stations had news departments.

With exception to public access and our local PBS (WSKG, which is the only over-the-air network that produces actual local origination programming, beyond token “news” casts: we’re talking documentaries about the area, and their radio newscasts), there isn’t a heck of a lot of local representation in LOCAL media, here, in Broome County.

Cats like Don Giovanni and Bill Flynn are a dying breed in our area. Thankfully, they don’t give up – and in spite of some curmudgeonly primates who have done their best to throw them curve balls along the way- they continue on!

Unfortunately, we didn’t have advance notice and don’t have audio of yesterday’s interview, but if any of our fans do, please send us an email:




(Remove the spaces. We had to print the e-mail like this to avoid spammers)

We want to thank Don Giovanni for his years of local programming, and for watching THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN!


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