Saturday Night: World Premier!

Hey kids, this Saturday night at 10pm on Time-Warner Cable channel 4 of Broome County marks the world broadcast premier of THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN‘s companion series: THE DARK VAULT OF KUNG FU!

Have no fear, THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN isn’t canceled or on hiatus! No siree, it’s expanding! Now there are two series that plunder the darkest depths of the cinema graveyard. THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN has no genre limitations. While our influences are unmistakably rooted in the American folk art of horror hosting, we specialize in presenting CULT MOVIES. That means we cover horror, comedy, action, and everything in between. Our love of the drive-in, America’s grindhouses, and horror hosting melts forth every first and final Saturday of every month, with your host UNCLE PETE, and his clone assistants El Vato and Rojo Gato, as well as our pals Max The Rat and the Vitobot (TM). Hell, even Vito Gold will drop by to chat it up, shill a little, and stir the pot.

Our love of the grindhouse also melts into our genre-specific companion series THE DARK VAULT OF KUNG FU.

The DVOKF is not a clone of THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN, though its participants and creators are one in the same. It exists within the DARK VAULT universe and plays by the DARK VAULT rules, but it’s 100% Made in China (just like every other thing in the world) and it’s all about martial arts action flicks from Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Korea, Japan, the Philippines, and even America and Europe.

So, check out our very rough, technically inept pilot this Saturday night! Kindly forgive the pilot’s warts, since a pilot is where programmers go through proverbial “birthing pains.”  The good news is that the show kicks into full steam for its first regular broadcast in two weeks! With that said, get a taste of what’s in store with a peek at its pilot episode Saturday night, and if you dig it you can expect subsequent episodes on the second Saturday of every month through 2009!

So, join Azul de Vaca, 42nd Street Jimmy, our friends Will & Wayne, and special guest UNCLE PETE, for THE DARK VAULT OF KUNG FU. The pilot airs tomorrow and starting in February you can get your kung fu dose on the second Saturday of every month.

While we have your attention, don’t forget that NEW episodes of THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN will air on the first Saturday of every month, starting on February 7th!  LOTS of goings-on in-and-around THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN have been underfoot, and they’re pretty wild. We continue our second “season” with some sci-fi, horror, spaghetti westerns, and even a musical (or two!). You can catch a double dose of  THE DVOPD, a healthy dose of THE DVOKF once a month, and some of our fiends from THE HORROR HOST UNDERGROUND will be dropping by the middle of every month.

Saturday nights in Broome County are getting weird, knif, so join in the madness and fun every week at 10pm on Time-Warner cable channel 4 of Broome County!


~ by darkvault on January 31, 2009.

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