Celebrate Broome County Television History February 18th

Broome County didn’t have a whole lot of local origination television when compared to its nearby television market neighbors of Syracuse and Scranton/Wilkes-Barre.

For example, until THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN debuted in 2007, we never had a local horror host/movie host to call our own.

With that said, we did have some terrific hosts of children’s programming, and “Officer” Bill Parker is perhaps our finest example. Now, with the only local origination programming coming from cable access and Public Broadcasting, it’s pretty sad that we have very few local hosts whose careers we can celebrate. Oh, and for the record, “news” doesn’t count, so that leaves out EVERY SINGLE MAJOR NETWORK AFFILIATE, since they produce sweet f. a. for the community, and truth be told – they hold it in contempt and would probably cut their pitiful “news” departments if they could get away with it.

For those of us too young to have enjoyed Bill Parker’s hosting work when it was a regular phenomenon (and only know him from his commercial work), here’s an incredibly, incredibly rare chance for you to see local television history, and to experience the magic of his television legacy.

Go to www.bundymuseum.com

for more information.


~ by darkvault on February 9, 2009.

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