FINALLY: Horror Hosts Dot Com Is Active Again

55_black_small_celebratingFINALLY! It’s BACK! is alive and kicking once again! Children of the cathode ray tube rejoice! This Friday The 13th, it lives again!

The Horror Host Underground is a very loose-knit group of renegades scattered about the United States of America. They love horror. They love the American folk art of horror hosting. They keep the torch lit (despite what some self-important, curmudgeonly, old farty, insecure, pretentious, annoying, self-proclaimed “purists” might claim to the contrary) and have taken what was once a staple of television markets nationwide and made it their own. Some members produce old-school commercial television. Some use leased access. Some use cable access, and some bypass the old technology and work exclusively on the internet. All of them revere those who came before them and together – however loose the ties may be – try to keep this purely American-in-origin folk art alive through hard work.

When the HHU was founded a few years ago, it was a great collective of ecclectic individuals and the old was an authoritative site regarding hosts past, and hosts present. Then it went to pot. There was some infighting by some rotten potatoes, but they’ve been tossed to the couch to sit down and think about what havoc they wrought, while the positive, productive HHU brains set to rebuild what they had worked so hard to establish.

Anyway, that’s water under the bridge.

FINALLY, the creators of the HHU have relaunched their site, some 55 years after the very first horror host program is reported to have aired on world television.

So, pay them a visit. Relive memories of hosts past, discover hosts of the present, and we’re certain that a few of the hosts of the future will be inspired by the hard work on display – and celebrated – on

The revamped site relaunches on Friday, February 13th!


~ by darkvault on February 12, 2009.

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