Broome County: Saturday Nights in December, DARK VAULT Style

Hey knif! Just as we bid adieu to November with tonight’s screening of  THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN‘s  second CLASSIC TELEVISION SPECTACULAR in Broome County,  here’s what’s on tap as we bid adieu to 2009, EVERY Saturday night at 10pm on Time-Warner Cable channel 4 of Broome County:

December 5 brings an encore presentation of our CAVALCADE OF CARTOON CARNAGE. Loony tunes, madmen, animation and more!

December 12 brings an encore presentation of everyone’s favorite turtle, GAMERA,  in ATTACK OF THE MONSTERS

December 19 brings the annual broadcast of  VITO GOLD PRESENTS: THE DARK VAULT HOLIDAY SPECIAL.  Join UNCLE PETE, El Vato, Azul de Vaca, Rojo Gato, Vito Gold, The Vitobot, and 42nd St. Jimmy as they exchange gifts. Meanwhile, SANTA CLAUS CONQUERS THE MARTIANS. This is a once-a-year event, so set your VCRs, DVRs, or tune in with your family for Broome County’s only local television holiday tradition!

December 26, spend your boxing day evening with UNCLE PETE as he counts down the new year from Stockton, Canada! It’s THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN NEW YEAR’S EVE SPECIAL. This baby only airs but once a year, so set the VCR, DVR or huddle next to your television as an onslaught of classic comedy comes your way. We’ve got rascals, stooges, and east side kids to help us say goodbye to two-zero-zero-nine and welcome in the second decade of the new millennium!

Our leftovers go down a lot better than rancid eggnog AND – come January, 2010 – BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW EPISODES OF THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN, THE DARK VAULT OF KUNG FU, and a few of our Horror Host Underground fiends friends  will make 2010 as good as 2009 (if not better than).


~ by darkvault on November 28, 2009.

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