Download Webisodes & Episodes of THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN and THE DARK VAULT OF KUNG FU While You Still Can

First it was the awesome video sharing site STAGE 6. Then Google Video shuttered its uploading service when Google bought Youtube. Then went wonky after offering some of our early webisodes and episodes for the DS. Now VEOH is going bankrupt.

Log in and download the complete, uncensored first season of THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN and the first two seasons of our web-exclusive (not for long!) webisodes, as well as a few episodes from our companion series, THE DARK VAULT OF KUNG FU while you still can!

We were going to start uploading some of our season 2 episodes this summer, plus a final batch of webisodes, more episodes of THE DVOKF, and unveil a third series which P. P. I. introducing (unrelated to THE DVOPD, but similar in spirit). Oh well, when life hands you lemons you make LEMONADE.

So, we encourage any of you who want to have decent copies of our programs in versions we cannot broadcast (nudity & cussin’ galore!) to hit to grab them while you still can. We’re going to be retiring at least one episode from season 1, so once VEOH is gone you probably won’t see our pilot episode on television anymore.

Yup. We’re retiring it.

Worry not, kids. THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN and THE DARK VAULT OF KUNG FU will continue to air regularly in Broome County as well as in New England, California and all sorts of sordid corners across the continental United States.

Because of VEOH’s impending bankruptcy all of the webisodes we were going to upload will be put together into some DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN specials.  This means that they will get toned down a bit for broadcast in certain markets, but some will run ’em complete and uncut. We do not market any of our shows, but there are fans who are trading DVDs of our shows (and webisodes), so look around. You never know where you’ll find us!

So, go to VEOH and search for us. Download what’s up there while you can.

In other show news, we have completed shooting a new episode and will be cobbling it together soon. Come July and August we will commence production on new shows that will air at the end of the summer and well into the winter. We will now have a few DARK VAULT specials, with the possibility of an exclusive DARK VAULT special as a gift to our hometown fans in Broome County, entitled, “Uncle Pete‘s Jukebox.” There second half of the first season of THE DARK VAULT OF KUNG FU will start airing in the summer, we’ll have more of our freaky, funky, fiends from The HORROR HOST UNDERGROUND dropping by now and again throughout 2010, too! Then there’s the cool P. P. I. project that is almost complete. It’s a kindred spirit to THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN, but not a part of the DARK VAULT universe. It’s a 12 episode miniseries that is a homage to the glory days of UHF. We’ll post more on that once we’ve got airdate set.

FINALLY, we’re working on a new, streaming internet version of classic episodes of THE  DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN. Think of it as a Castle Films/Cliff Notes version of DVOPD episodes.  Once again, once that’s ready to go we’ll start posting links here.

Our fans in Broome County, please don’t forget: EVERY Saturday night @ 10pm on Time-Warner Cable Channel 4 is DARK VAULT time! We’re approaching our third anniversary and it’s going to be stellar!


~ by darkvault on March 30, 2010.

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