Hey Broome County fans, did you tune in at 10pm on the night of Saturday, May 8th only to discover that we were not on the air? While this error had NOTHING to do with us, we offer our sincere apology. The show was delivered to the station, but the technician who normally switches the tapes was injured and required medical attention. No, seriously, that’s exactly what happened. We weren’t the only production affected by this, so there’s no hard feelings. We hope you understand the situation and understand that we are STILL alive and kicking!

Now, here’s our mea culpa on the internet side: El Vato was literally away last week. He was spending time at the legendary Shaolin Temple and simply forgot to update the website. No. Really. He’s trouncing around China with Azul de Vaca and 42nd Street Jimmy, producing new episodes of our companion series, THE DARK VAULT OF KUNG FU.

So, last week the encore presentation of MESSIAH OF EVIL did air. It is possibly the unofficialy “cursed” epsiode of THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN. Back when the episode was originally set to debut (in 2009), channel 4 didn’t air it! It wasn’t censorship or any fault of THE DVOPD, but it debuted a week later. So, history repeated itself on its second broadcast! Trippy, eh?

So, here’s what’s supposed to be airing on THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN over the next few Saturday nights, ’round 10 p. m. on Time-Warner Cable channel 4 of Broome County (fingers are crossed!):

May 22nd:  join us for the encore presentation of TEENAGERS FROM OUTER SPACE! This episode hasn’t aired in over a year, so set your VCRs, DVRs, DVD recorders, or just tune in at 10pm for aliens, explosions, bicycles. giant lobsters and all of the DARK VAULT nuttiness you’ve come to expect from UNCLE PETE and the clones.

May 29th: join UNCLE PETE for a crash course in neuroscience in an encore presentation of THE BRAIN MACHINE.

and on Saturday, June 5th @ 10 p. m.:  UNCLE PETE and El Vato prepare to welcome in the summer with a return of THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN TRAILER SPECTACULAR.

We’re gearing up to cook up a new batch of episodes of THE DVOPD this summer, so keep watchin’ the screens, knif !


~ by darkvault on May 18, 2010.

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