Apologies to fans of THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN about not being able to post in advance what we were showing last week (the world premier of a new show, the season two finale featuring The Bowery Boys/East Side Kids/Dead End Kids in BOYS OF THE CITY), but what we can do is tell you that this Saturday night @ 10pm on Time-Warner Cable channel 4 of Broome County will be* broadcasting another world premier episode of THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN, as we kick off our third year of broadcasting with the debut episode of season 3!

Join UNCLE PETE and the gang as we give you THE BEST OF THE WEBISODES VOLUME 2.0!

It’s two hours of twisted trailers, maniacal music, deranged DARK VAULTiness, and more! 60% of the program highlights the best (and worst) of the two seasons of original “webisodes” we produced exclusively for the internet. They were available via STAGE 6, VEOH and GOOGLE VIDEO.  We’ve taken the cooler bits, added some never-before-seen DARK VAULT mayhem with UNCLE PETE, and dug up a few odds and ends that are exclusive to this episode and never actually appeared in any of the internet-only webisodes (inversely, a LOT of content in our webisodes never made it to broadcast, and never will, given some of the subject matter).

Some of our fans have compared our webisodes to the late, great, groundbreaking USA Network 80s era staple NIGHT FLIGHT, so tune in this Saturday night @ 10pm for a slightly different DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN as we kick off our third year of broadcasting (and our third season) with audio visual oddities you won’t find anywhere else! Be sure to stick around for the rest of the month because we’ve got a handful of new shows we’re going to be world premiering, as well as two specials we participated in with our friends from THE HORROR HOST UNDERGROUND.

It’s wonderful when things “fall” into place, so say hello to Autumn and Season 3 of THE DVOPD!


~ by darkvault on August 31, 2010.

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