Chaos in the Dark Vault!

Greetings friends, fiends and followers of THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN! We must offer up an apology because we failed to update what we were showing in Atkinson, New Hampshire, and in Broome County, New York last weekend.

“You are what you eat,” they say, well, one of the clones lived up to being a turkey…

Anyhow, we hope you and your family had a swell Thanksgiving. In Broome County we had the world premier of SWAMP OF THE LOST MONSTER. No worries if you missed it, we’ll be rebroadcasting the episode soon enough. This week, UNCLE PETE is the turkey for not telling us what the folks on Time-Warner Cable will be receiving! D’oh! So, tune in and let us know (we’re not in America!!!).

For folks in Atkinson, well, we need you to let us know what episode airs this week. ACTV’s website had our “Drive In Spectacular” trailer show listed for two or three weeks in a row, and they’re listing IT CAN BE DONE, AMIGO! for this week, though, if played in order, you should be receiving NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD or KUNG FU ZOMBIE about now. We’re scratching our heads on this one.

Anyhow, Broome County peeps, tune in every Saturday night @ 10pm on Time-Warner Cable channel 4. We probably won’t be airing around Christmas and New Years this year because of the channel’s holiday shutdown, but WE WILL be back in January, and we’re airing every Saturday up until those two weeks of holiday festivation.

Atkinson peeps, tune in every Saturday night @10pm and 2am, and every Sunday night @ 10pm on ACTV Channel 20, via Comcast Cable for your weekly dose of THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN. You’ll be glad you did!

We hope to have this confusion sorted out by next week. Until then, keep watchin’ the screens and be well & raise hell!


~ by darkvault on December 4, 2010.

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