A Quick Update

Hey Fiends! We’re still alive and well at THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN. We’re enjoying a much needed vacation and hope that the early days of 2011 have been kind to each and every one of you.

We’re breaking radio silence just to let people know that we are still airing on Atkinson, New Hampshire’s ACTV cable channel 20 on Comcast cable, every Saturday night @ 10pm, Sunday mornings at @ 2 or 2:15am, and on Sunday nights @ 10pm. We’re working on getting an update of which episodes are airing and in what order.

Back in our home base of Broome County, we continue to air on each and every Saturday night @10pm on Time-Warner cable channel 4. Here’s what’s on tap for the next two weeks:


Sat – Jan. 29 – Join the Bowery Boys/ East Side Kids/ Dead End Kids  for CLANCY STREET BOYS.
Sat – Feb. 5 – Check out THE BEST OF THE (DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN) WEBISODES, VOLUME 1. Catch some of the groovy, formerly web-exclusive content we uncovered for our old video podcasts, as well as some exlcusive content you won’t find on any of the webisodes released on the internet. We put together two seasons of web-exclusive webisodes that were available on the now-defunct (but once glorious) Google Video, Stage 6 and VEOH websites. All were available streaming and for download. Times – and the world weird web – change. If you missed the websiodes on the internet then you missed a lot of content you won’t see on our weekly televison program, so here’s a chance for you to catch some of what you missed (and then some)!

~ by darkvault on January 26, 2011.

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