What’s On The Dark Vault of Public Domain

Greetings fiends and foes! Happy New Year and Kong Xi Fa Chai/Gong Hey Fat Choi for all y’all following the lunar new year cycle. We here,  at THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN are still goin’ strong.

We’re still airing new episodes every week up in Atkinson, New Hampshire on ACTV cable channel 20 on Comcast cable, every Saturday night @ 10pm, Sunday mornings at @ 2 or 2:15am, and on Sunday nights @ 10pm. We’re working on getting an update of which episodes are airing and in what order, but give us some time to work that out.


Meanwhile in our home digs of Broome County, here’s what you can expect over the course of the next couple of Saturday nights,  @ 10pm, on Time-Warner Cable channel 4 of Broome County:


Feb 12 – the cross dressing kung fu spectacular:  Bruce Lee – The Man, The Miss BRUCE LEE: THE MAN THE MYTH. Join Uncle Pete and Azul de Vaca as they kick the old school kung fu with Bruce Li, in this completely entertaining, thoroughly bogus interpretation on the life of the late, great Bruce Lee Jun-fan. Enjoy the martial arts choroegraphy of Yuen Wo-ping, minus the annoying MATRIX veneer or the plagiarist confines of wannabe craptaculars like KILL BILL. Old school, hard hitting, and fun: like it is supposed to be.


Sat Feb 19 – Track of the Moon Pie TRACK OF THE MOONBEAST. El Vato has to wrangle Uncle Pete back into the vault after he gets a bit moonstruck. Azul de Vaca drops by and Uncle Pete pontificates the deeper meaning of snack cakes and why Prof. Johny Longbow should be slinging arrows into meteor-induced lizard men. It’s not exactly a, “tranformation of myth over time,” but it is a flesh-clawing, meteor-falling, lizard wranglin’ good time!


~ by darkvault on February 7, 2011.

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