To make up for our rather leisurely winter vacation break, here’s a run down of what finks fans in Broome County can expect from THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN on Saturday nights (10pm on Time-Warner Cable channel 4) well into March.


2/19 – Track of Moon Pie TRACK OF THE MOON BEAST.

2/26 – Uncle Pete takes on Telly Savalas, Antonio Sabato (Sr.) and the mob with the Italian cosa nostra classic CRIME BOSS.

3/5 – Roofer Madness – A Cautionary tale of Shinglers run amok Bumbo klaat! Livey up yourself with Uncle Pete, Azul de Vaca and El Vato as they enjoy the jazz cabbage classics KEEP OFF THE GRASS and REEFER MADNESS.

3/12 – Join Uncle Pete as he takes some of the best, broadcast-friendly bits of our now-defunct webisodes (2007-2009) and he peppers them with some never-before-seen content (on the internet and on television) with The Best Of Webisodes Volume 2.


For our fans in Atknson, New Hampshire, you can catch new episodes of THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN on ACTV Channel 20 every Saturday night @ 10pm, Sunday mornings at @ 2 or 2:15am, and on Sunday nights @ 10pm. Someday we’ll find out which episodes are airing, and on what date, but we do know that every episode broadcast is a new one, airing in your area for the first time! Thank you for your understanding as we work this out.


~ by darkvault on February 13, 2011.

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