And, Airing The Next Two Weeks….

First up: to our fiends friends in the Atkinson, New Hampshire viewing area: we’re still airing on ACTV, but we’re not entirely certain which episode is airing, nor which one will be next, but we gather this week’s episode may very well be KUNG FU ZOMBIE. If so, join Vito Gold as he takes a trip down memory lane, highlighting some of UNCLE PETE‘s pre DVOPD television work while presenting one of the most awesome martial arts films ever produced!

Find out what is airing on THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN by tuning into ACTV channel 20 every Saturday night @ 10pm, late Saturday Night/very early Sunday morning @ 3am, and again on Sunday nights@10pm!

For our fiends friends in the Broome County, New York area, here’s what we’ll be airing for the next two weeks on Time-Warner Cable channel 4, Saturday nights @ 10pm!

June 18th join UNCLE PETE for a trip to Italy as he encounters all sorts of international intrigue – just like infamous movie cop Nico Giraldi (Tomas Milian) in THE COP IN DRAG!

On June 25th we’ll be presenting an encore presentation of another of our popular episodes as UNCLE PETE meets THE SISTERS OF DEATH, starring the late, great Claudia Jennings!

UNCLE PETE is currently consulting the Vitobot(TM) in tabulating which of our classic episodes are the most popular and he’ll be airing them throughout the month of June and into early July. The GREAT news is that by the end of July NEW episodes of THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN will be coming your way. Since our very first episode four years ago, we’ve been upgrading our cameras, editing software, computers and we can’t wait to knock your socks off with some of the best episodes ever! More madness, more mayhem, more monkeyshines and misfittery are in store! Wait until you see what we have in store for you! We feel certain that you won’t be disappointed! So, enjoy the next few weeks of encore presentations of some of our most popular episodes as a warm up to the insanity coming your way in July!!!


~ by darkvault on June 11, 2011.

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