TONIGHT and SATURDAY NIGHT in Broome County!

Hello Doom Broome County survivors! UNCLE PETE has been a bit busy in the vault, so our production has been pushed back a week, but next week we’ll start filming NEW episodes of THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN! FINALLY!!! Until then, why not enjoy encore presentations of some of our most-requested episodes!

Here’s what’s airing on Time-Warner Cable channel 4 @ 10pm for the next two weeks:

This Saturday, July 16th, join us for giant turtles and robots as we present GAMMERA THE INVINCIBLE!

Then, on Saturday, July 23rd join UNCLE PETE for our second CLASSIC TELEVISION SPECTACULAR, this time focusing on comedies. Join us as we pay respect to the late, great Sherwood Schwartz with an episode of DUSTY’S TRAIL, and kick back to George Burns and Jack Benny for a casual, mid-summer’s night of laughs, gags and spit takes.

But before you prepare for this weekend’s television festivities, don’t forget that it’s Wednesday night, knif, so be sure to tune your FM dial to 90.5fm (if you’re in the Broome County area) or click on this link for the high quality, stereo, CD quality live stream to hear THE UNCLE PETE SHOW. This is live radio, kids. No pre-programmed, recorded crap. Real radio, not some online mimic of  “radio,” either!

Around 10:10pm you can call in for your requests, dedications or to talk to UNCLE PETE ’emself: 607-777-2137.

Throughout July and August THE UNCLE PETE SHOW will be having a contest for Broome County area listeners. All summer long you have a chance to win a copy of PPI swag. PPI is the production company behind THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN, THE DARK VAULT OF KUNG FU, TWISTED CINEMA, and several music video and motion picture joint ventures in mainland China.  So tune in every week and you might be the lucky winner of DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN DVDs (NOT available in store, or anywhere else!), a DVD of one of our mainland Chinese film productions, or an episode of THE DARK VAULT OF KUNG FU. Listen in and UNCLE PETE will give you details on how you can win! Each and every week until the end of August we’re giving away some PPI DVDs! Most of these prizes are not available anywhere else, so they’re something special!

Congratulations to last week’s winner: Nick Stevens!

*This weekly contest is only open for listeners in the greater Broome County, NY area. Limit: one prize per contestant; so if you win something one week you aren’t going to be eligible for any other swag until next year!


~ by darkvault on July 13, 2011.

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