This Saturday night Uncle Pete will bring you the final showing (at least for a while) of the post-apocalyptic punk rock movie DRAGON CITY (a PPI Production).This is the first such movie produced entirely in mainland China. You may remember that DRAGON CITY made it’s world television debut on THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN earlier this year. Since that time, negotiations concerning the Asian and U.S. distribution rights have been completed. Although this is great news for PPI and all those involved in the film, this will result in THE DVOPD losing this film from its archives after January 1, 2012 (although we will keep a crypt in The Cinema Graveyard warm for it if it ever decides to visit us again).

      Plus, as an added attraction, we’ll be presenting a whole gaggle of UNCLE PETE’S PICKS – interesting and unique music videos from Uncle Pete’s collection – as Uncle Pete browses through one of the DARK VAULT’S many Record Crypts and big budget recording facilities.

      So be sure to tune in this Saturday night, December 3, 2011, at 10PM for UNCLE PETE’S PICKS and the DARK VAULT’S last showing of DRAGON CITY on a SPECIAL EDITION of THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN.


~ by UNCLE PETE on November 30, 2011.

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